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T minus 7 and counting!

30 September 2009

social-networking7 days to the start of the 2009 Ubud Writers & Readers Festival!

As you might guess, things are rather busy right now. Festival planning is in full swing. The team is working non-stop, as author agendas are double checked, travel arrangements and hotel accommodations reconfirmed, goodie bags stuffed, and volunteers trained. This the Festival’s 6th year, and the program we’ve created is the most ambitious in our history. Together with a large team of volunteers, our Festival staff are doing their best to assure an event that is both rich in experience and painless in execution.

…which brings us to the main idea of this post: How can you help?

If you would like to be part of the efforts to make this year’s Festival a success, help us increase awareness of the Festival; this is the most valuable contribution you can make. One of our goals for 2009 is to extend the reach of the Festival and create a more inclusive event. We’ve increased efforts to reach out to different audiences and to get more people involved — even from a distance. During the Festival, we will be running teams on the ground that will be providing information on the various events and happenings via Twitter, Facebook and this site. People can follow the event on those services and participate in the discussion.

For our Internet outreach efforts to have the most impact, we need your help getting the word out and we would ask for your involvement. Here is a list of (free and easy) ways to be more involved:


  • Follow us on Twitter. During the event, updates will be posted here by us and others. [Link]
  • Post about the Festival on Twitter. When you tweet, please add our hashtag to your tweet to help others find the information. The hashtag is #UWRF. Simply insert that into any tweet about the Festival and others can find your message easily.
  • Follow the #UWRF hashtag to see what everyone is saying about the event. We’ve made this easy by setting up the UWRF Twub. Follow it with your Twitter I.D. [Link]
  • Show your support with a Twibbon. If you are on Twitter, you can add the UWRF “Suka Duka” ribbon to your avatar to show your support for the Festival and help spread the word. (The system handles everything automatic and you can remove it at any time.) [Link]
  • Follow APairOfTweets — and enjoy the serialization of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. The event is being organized by water&stone in celebration of this year’s Festival. [Link]


  • Become a Fan of the Festival on Facebook. There is a lot going on here and during the event we will be posting here as well. [Link]
  • Join the conversation on our Fan page. [Link]
  • Share your photos. We’ve set up the Facebook Fan Page to allow Fans to post their own photos of the event. (Look for the Link on the Photos box on the left).  [Link]


  • Write a blog. If you have a blog site, write a short piece about the Festival (After all, we’re all here because we have a certain affinity for the written word…). If you do publish something, please tell us; we can then promote it, thereby helping both of us.
  • Add a comment. If you see an article about the Festival on a web site, add your own comment to the article. And of course, please feel free to comment on the posts on this site.
  • Translate an article. If you see an article related to the Festival that deserves greater exposure, translate parts of it into another language. (Please always notify the original author and give proper credit with a link back to the original piece!)

Share Files

  • We’re on Flickr. You can see images of the previous Festivals and we will post more here during this year’s event. If you have a Flickr account, become “friends” with ours and we can help promote each other. [Link]
  • We’re also on YouTube. The idea applies to our video sharing on YouTube. [Link]
  • ..and as previously mentioned, you can also post your Festival photos on our Facebook Fan Page.

Share Bookmarks

  • Digg this post. Use the social bookmarking site Digg to help tell others about the event. [Link]
  • Use StumbleUpon to tell others about this site, or any of our other sites. [Link]

While all the above are wonderful ways to help, and we hope you use some or all of them, never forget that the single biggest thing anyone can do to help spread the word is to simply share your awareness of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival with a friend.

Thank you in advance…


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