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Writers Rock Hard

23 September 2009
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We spoke to Balinese rock star Jerinx from the band Superman is Dead:

Jerinx of Superman is Dead

Jerinx of Superman is Dead

My name’s I Gede Ari Astina a.k.a Jerinx [means spikey in Balinese]. I am a Balinese, born in Kuta on 10th Feb. Growing up in in the alley of saints and sinners, here I am drumming/singing/writing songs for Superman Is Dead while drinking beers right in the arms of the angels…

I always loved music, poetry and custom culture. I started playing guitar and reading poetry at age 15, playing drum at 17 and singing/writing songs at age 20. Started getting tattoed at age 17, my high school year was a rock n roll year. With Bobby Kool and Eka Rock, we formed Superman Is Dead in 1995, we recorded 3 albums independently and 4 albums through major label and we signed up with Sony Music Indonesia since 2003. With our Do It Yourself work ethic, we have toured Australia in 2007 [16 shows] and USA in 2009 [16 shows including 11 dates in Warped Tour] We are the first punkrock band that signed up with major label in Indonesia, we are the first Indonesian bands that made it to the international festivals in the USA and we are the first Balinese band that is actually known nationally.

I have a thing for 1950’s era. The cars, the clothes, the hair, the art, I love everything from the fifties and sometime I think of myself as today’s version of Elvis from hell.

I really respect Balinese culture even though I often found myself more of an outsider of the Balinese traditional society. My love for Bali is unreplaceable and even though I am the part of the counter culture, I always try in my own way to bring positive impact to this island.

Beside the band, I run a few other thing that is not too far from my passion: a tattoo shop, a rock bar, a clothing store and -soon- a 1950*s style diner. In my free time I drowned myself into my loved ones, movies, books, surfing, writings, riding my lowrider bicyle and drinking beers.

>> Buy a ticket and see the legend live! At the Hard Rock Cafe in Kuta. Learn more here:

Writers Rock Hard
THURSDAY 8 October
19.30 – 21.30
Hard Rock Café, Kuta
Rp 450.000 / AU$55 (including dinner & return transport from Ubud)


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